Why Website Speed Is Important For Conversion.

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Do you currently know what your website speed score is? or maybe I should ask this way; do you know Why website speed is important for your conversion?

In my years of experience as a technical SEO expert, I have had the opportunity to interact with business owners who are only concerned about building an online representation of their business (Website) only, without necessarily minding whether it converts or not especially in developing economies like Nigeria. This is why they have something like this image below:

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Website speed has a significant & measurable effect on your conversion. In John Mueller’s Youtube GoogleWebmaster interaction, he asserted that a fast page speed will result in a better conversion rate. In other words, the faster your page loads, the more likely a user is to take positive action on your page.

Importance Of Site Speed For Conversion.

There are several reasons why you must ensure your web page loads faster than what it is currently. You must aim at getting a 100% page score when you analyze your website on the Google page speed insight tool.

Why Website Speed Is Important For Conversion image

In the proceeding paragraphs, I will give a list of website speed benefits and Simple ways by which you can simply fix your slow webpage speed.

Let’s get into it in a moment.

  1. One of the benefits of taking time out to work on optimizing your webpage speed is to reduce the bad page experience a user might have by simply brosing through your site.

    As more users find it difficult accessing your website as a result of the long load time, they begin to lose interest in what exactly they are there for. This will not only result in a high bounce rate, it will also rob you of your website conversion.
    No matter how well designed or what lines of codes were exusted in the development of your website, it is going to present a bad experience to the user if they find it preetty slow to load.
  2. Another benefit of optimizing your website speed is for the search engine. You obviously want do a search Engine optimization on your website. If this is the case, then you must optimize your website’s speed too.

    Google itself has said it: Speed is now a landing page factor for Google Search and Ads. This simply means you will never go anywhere near the first page of the search engine result page if your landing page speed is not worked on.

What Can You Do To Optimize Your Page Speed?

There are a couple of things you can do to ensure that your website loads faster than before, but before you launch out to begin to find solutions to your slow page, you may need to be sure it is really slow and not just speculation.

You can check your site’s speed here:>>> Google page speed Insight.

So what can you really do to optimize your page speed?

  1. The DIY method
  2. Engage the Help Of a Professional.

If you wish to Get the speed optimized by yourself, you may need to check out the list below.

  1. Optimizing your images
  2. Minifying your javascript, CSS and your HTML.
  3. Use browser cache

These are a few checklists to optimizing your page speed on Google especially for new site owners in Nigeria.

If you like a professional to handle this task for you, and also get your website up to 90 to a 100% speed score, you can contact us here

Page Speed Optimization For Various Devices.

No doubt the mobile devices are leading in global usage. This simply means that more mobile users are going to visit your website more compared to desktop.

With this information, you have got to optimize both the mobile and desktop speeds in order to get a conversion on your webpage.

We Can Get you a 100% fast site

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