What Is Website Security? A Complete Guide To Keep You Safe 24/7.

What is website security


What is website security?

Well, you will agree with me that the amount of information lost to website intruders (hackers) daily, monthly and yearly is on the hike in recent times. This can actually be attributed to the increase in the number of information stored on the internet, with many of them not secured.

In a recent article published by patchstack, I was bewildered to know that: Not only do websites get hacked every day and some of these attacks being dangerous to a business,

In 2003 alone,There was an attack every 39 seconds on the web
On Average,30,000 websites are hacked every day
During covid-19Cybercrime grew by 300%
Sacuri report of 2019 shows that47% of hacked websites have loopholes
WordPress Plugins Cause90% of vulnerabilities for sites built with WordPress

This above stat got me asking: How safe are people’s websites really?

While you may not know, there is a hard and hot fact:

Your Website Is Targeted By Hackers Daily.

Sitting recently in my office at ICT-NETWORLD and making my research on how to properly answer What is website security, I realized that although many business people like the idea of owning a website for their businesses, but not every business person is conscious of website security nor how the security breakdown of their websites affect them and their target customers.

What is website security?

From my research, website security is any action taken or Application/measure installed to avoid exploitation of website or to ensure that information (Important or not so important) is not exposed to criminal otherwise known as black hat hackers. These information can be those of businesses and their customers such as credit card & personal info or those of individuals such as ones likely to cause them harm in the future.

In this post, we will be exploring key areas of website security and especially, why it is really needed for your business as well as for your personal information safety.

Let’s dive right in:

Website Security Features

There are many website security features, we will do our diligence to explain the few very important ones below:


The SSl is the short name for Secure Sockets Layer. This is a digital digital certificate that provides authentication for a website and enables an encrypted connection. SSL is a key feature for website security, and it is highly important especially for electronic commerce websites as well as platforms where visitors will have to submit their personal information like names, phone numbers, credit card information such as bank pins, card number and other sensitive information.

How To Differentiate Between A Secured & Unsecured Website
what is website security: How to differentiate a secured site and unsecured site jpg

A Secured and unsecured site can both be spotted right from the top left corner of your screen when you get into any website.

Nowadays, with Google improving by the day, you are more likely to be notified when you get to any website if it does not have a valid SSL Certificate.

Implication Of Secured And Unsecured Site

You may argue that your website is not a shopping site, but then, find some of the implications of a secured and unsecured site compared in the tabular format below:

Although attackers will usually look for backdoors to attack a website, a secured site is less likely to be attacked because the certificate has been verified on your web server. This ensures that it is correctly installed, valid, trusted, and doesn’t give any errors to any of your users who might also be hackers themselves. An unsecured site on the other hand is much likely to be attacked and assessed by hackers because the SSL certificate has not been verified.
A Secured Website Either For personal, cooperate information or for a shopping purpose commands more respect/respect, and can lead to more conversion (In the case of online shopping).Many site visitors are already becoming aware of the danger of interacting with an unsecured site. This is why an unsecured site will never command respect plus it will not lead to conversion.
Coming from the angle of Digital marketing, a secured site will likely help you to decrease your bounce rate as visitors dwell more and navigate through your pages.The case is in reverse for unsecured sites, as visitors usually will not spend the next minute surfing through the pages as they believe they might be hacked.

While this website security feature is the most Important, at least for the sake building your website credibility on the internet, there are still other security features we would like you to know below.

2. FTP (File Transfer Protocol)
What is web security - FTP jpg

Our answer to the question: What is website security? will never be accurate without giving the FTP a mention. The file transfer protocol is another key feature of website security, and effort will be needed also to keep this feature safe from attacks. The FTP is widely used for file transfer between computers over the Internet. People can literally exchange and share data within their offices and across the Internet using the FTP. A good reason why you should take this feature seriously is that hackers also get into your website through this means.

3. SSH (Secure Shell Host)
SSH (Secure Shell Host) jpg

The SSH, also known as Secure Shell or Secure Socket Shell is another website security feature you may want to implement for your property because of its importance.

As your system administrators access a computer over an unsecured network, they will be needing security to stay out of danger.

Attacking your website is just a matter of time, and you have got to be really ready to combat it soon as it is detected.

This is why you will need to take a proactive step today to either do it yourself, or speak with a cybersecurity expert to discuss your options.

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