6 Basic Solutions To Improve Cybersecurity In Nigeria.

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I am a certified Cybersecurity expert, and with that, I feel qualified to write this post. You can learn more about my Cybersecurity Service Here.

I was personally motivated to write this post because of the surprising state of cybersecurity in Nigeria.

Nigeria’s cyberspace is so poprous that any dick and Harry can gain access unhindered. This is why a Sixteen years old boy can make hundreds of dollars in scam with ease.

It has become so sad that Internet scam emanating from the sorry case of our cybersecurity as a nation, has become more glorified than hardwork and hardworking youths in the country.

In this post, I will try to enumerate ten (10) basic solutions Nigeria should adopt to strengthen cybersecurity in Nigeria. Apart from this, I will also expatiate how these basic solutions can be beneficial to individuals, so long as you connect to the internet everyday.

While others have pinned cyberthreats in Nigeria on the increasing technological advancement, I choose to disagree because as a nation, we ought to adapt and not retrogress in Technology.

First, are there cyber Laws In Nigeria?

cyber security laws in Nigeria.

Yes, there are laws for cyber crimes In Nigeria. In a recent cyber crimes research Paper, the cyber security laws (To be enforced by the EFCC) was neatly stated.

While some see these laws as less-powerful and outdated, they are still law and can be enforced.

Below are some of the Cybersecurity laws in Nigeria:

The Economic and Financial Crime Commission Act, 2004 (Source: National Assembly
of Nigeria, 2004).

2. The Nigeria Criminal Code Act 1990.

3. Advance Fee Fraud and Related Offences Act 2006 (Source: National Assembly of
Nigeria, 2006).

Let’s dive right into the Ten Solutions I feel Nigeria should embrace quickly in order to tackle the rising threat of Cybersecurity In Nigeria:

1. Create Cybersecurity Awareness.
security-awareness-training jpg

First, awareness about the dangers of cyber attacks should be prioritized. Usually, people do not see how important it is to keep safe on the internet. The government must make it a point of duty to fund awareness programs aimed at sensitizing the populace about cyber threats.

As individuals too, efforts must be made to know more about Cybersecurity in Nigeria and basic ways by which they can keep themselves safe.

2. Social Media Use.
Cybersecurity In Nigeria resulting from excessive use of the social  media

This is a human factor that creates high vulnerability for hackers to strike their victims. Nigerians seem to abuse the use of social media, and this has caused so many a lot of harm. The moderate use of social media platforms is another sort of public sensitization and awareness the Government need to embark on.

As an individual, you may need to curtail your excessive use of social media, especially, revealing sensitive information such as Your location, your proffered colours, your family Identity, your phone numbers and other personal details about you.

3. Bigger Punishments For Cyber Attackers.
Cybersecurity in Nigeria - Offenders must be arrested jpg

If we must make real headways with cybersecurity In Nigeria, then big punishments must be meted out to offenders. We have had instances were Yahoo guys have been freed simply because they offered some pecuniary inducements to law enforcement agents. This must stop if we must achieve success in stemming cyber threats in Nigeria.

When a bigger punishment is meted out to cyber attackers, others will be deterred.

4. Rule of Law.
Rule of Law in tackling cybersecurity in Nigeria (ict-networld)jpg

What is good for the goose is good for the gander. Just as rightly pointed out above, bigger punishments must not be limited to “ordinary” citizens alone, but to the elected officials too, from stealing of public funds (Corruption) down to money laundering.

5. Training Of Cyber Experts Within Law Enforcement Officials.
Nigeria Police Learning more about cybersecurity in Nigeria jpg

Threats to cybersecurity in Nigeria is also high because our law enforcement officials themselves are not knowledgeable in the area of cybersecurity.

Effective arrests of cyber offenders cannot be made until the law enforcement officials themselves acquire knowledge in this sector.

As an individual too, you need to acquire Cybersecurity Knowledge through practical training. You can contact us to learn more.

6. International Cooperation And Data Sharing.

While Nigeria is not a Tech country, It might need to form alliance with countries like the united kingdom and United states for the sake of data sharing.

Cybersecurity In Nigeria: Cyber Crime Types.

Cyber Terrorism

This is the act intended to instil fear via accessing and distorting any useful information in
any organization or Government bodies using Computer and Internet.

Drug Trafficking Deals

This is a growing cyber crime type. Here, drug dealers use the internet to carry out their outlawed activities.

Cyber Stalking

Cyberstalking is essentially the act of harassing another person with the aid of the internet. This harassment takes different forms ranging from Sexual to threatening of life.


Spam is the use of electronic messaging systems to send unsolicited bulk messages indiscriminately. The most widely recognized form of spam messages happens on blogs and e-mail spam.

Password Sniffing.

This is a hacking technique commonly used online by hackers. It uses a special software application that allows a hacker to steal usernames and passwords simply by observing and inactively recording your network traffic.

Acquire An Ethical Hacking Skill

These and many more are the types of cyber crimes.

We are an IT Solutions company and one of our service is Cybersecurity Training.

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