6 Sneak-Peak Tips On How to promote A Hospital In Nigeria.

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You are probably here because you are looking for How to promote a hospital in Nigeria.

I have had the opportunity of developing winning marketing strategies for various hospitals in Nigeria, and at first meeting with these hospitals and having looked at their current marketing efforts, I am quick to discover that more than 80% of them may continue to cycle around the same old clients and also fail to advertize their hospital brand, and eventually they remain at the same level of growth. That is what happens for real life according to Healthcaresuccess.

It is really laughable to see doctors who think the experience and quality of service they offer alone will bring the clients. I have also related with doctor friends who are of the opinion that hospitals or medical services are not to be marketed by whatever possible means available, quoting that it “goes against the medical profession/practice”

While I might not be in the best position to tell which of the above is true and which is a mere ignorance of the current rules of business, I can categorically tell you that without the promotion/marketing of your hospital either offline or online in Nigeria, you are bound to revolve round the same level of growth for as long as you refuse to take promotional actions.

It is worthy to note that although a hospital is meant to provide quality healthcare services to patients in need, it is still a business except it is registered under the cooperate affairs commission as a Non-governmental organization. So long as your hospital is registered as a normal organization, you must learn ways by which it can be promoted just so that you can both remain in business and also make enough cash to pay your doctors, nurses, cleaners, secretary and other key staffs.

In this post therefore, I will outline 6 sneak-peak tips on how to promote a hospital in Nigeria and gain new patients even though every other methods you have tried in the past has failed.

While I am not a medical practitioner, in this post, I am bringing you years of digital and offline marketing ideas and experience.

Let’s dive right in:

How to promote A Hospital In Nigeria.

1. Ask For Feedbacks, Reviews, & Recommendations.

How to promote a hospital & Feedback image

Asking for feedbacks from your patients will help you to improve the weak points in your services and also help you to gain your patients’ trusts. After getting the feedbacks, if there are some of them that are not satisfactory, take action toward making things right, and be deliberate about doing the right thing to reverse the bad reviews. On the other hand, you need to thank those who gave you a good review and also advise them to stay healthy.

Another big importance of patients’ reviews and feedbacks is positive reviews and feedbacks can help to attract other potential patients to your hospital. We are currently in the era where clients trust what other clients say about a business before committing themselves.

Below are some of the means by which these reviews can be collated:

  1. Online listing. At this point in your hospital business, I will like to believe you are already listed on some of the popular online business local listing services such as Google my business, Goodfirm, and other healthcare-related online listings.
  2. Dishing out free survey forms. You can also employ this platform to get your current patients to review your services. A good example of this platform is the Google forms.
  3. Integrated Forms on Your Website. Every hospital must have a website. A website makes it easy to communicate your values and expertise to your patients and potential patients who are actively searching online for such services as you offer. A website is also a great way to collate feedbacks and reviews from your existing patients.

2. Use Digital Marketing.

Digital Marketing Image

Digital marketing is fast becoming the surest way on how to promote a hospital in Nigeria. With digital marketing, you can directly meet potential patients who are actively searching for the services you render at the exact and most comfortable time.

With digital marketing for your hospital business, you are open to connecting with limitless number of potential patients online. In recent times, it has been confirmed that patients choose hospitals or doctors that educate them on a particular sickness, and this is usually done via content marketing which is also a digital marketing strategy you can employ. Click here to read more about digital marketing for hospital business.

3. Build Your Brand.

Brand Building Image

Building a solid brand does not come easy, but while it takes time to build, it can be achieved with seriousness and commitment to quality service delivery.

There several mediums you can employ to build a recognizable brand for your hospital:

  1. Organize free health workshops, seminars or outreaches.
  2. Organize free community services such as free blood pressure check/medication recommendations, free blood sugar level check/medication recommendation, free eye sight check/medication recommendation. You can do these as often as possible.

These free services strikes a sort of emotional connectivity with your prospective clients, and make them choose you the next time they need a medical service.

Make sure to carry your marketing materials with you as you go like your hospital brochure, your business cards, your hospital flyers/leaflets. These materials makes people to recognize your brand as you approach them.

4. Quality Staff & Management.

Employee management image

Staff members are the backbone of any organization, but when it comes to a hospital setting, a staff member has more responsibility especially as it relates to how to promote a hospital.

Your customer care personnel, your doctors/Nurses, the cleaners, and security men must all be professionals. They must know how to attend to visitors and patients in the most courteous and manners. Treating patients with quality and effective care helps you to retain their trust.

In order to achieve this, you need to constantly train your staff members on ways to receive and manage your new and existing patients and to show concern to them.

5. Integrate The Offline Marketing.

offline marketing image

Offline marketing is equally important in promoting your hospital brand. Some of the ways by which you can integrate the offline marketing to up your hospital brand include but not limited to:

  1. Networking with local health practitioners and government owned and registered hospital to get their referrals.
  2. Becoming a promoter of high quality pharmaceutical products and getting them to refer patients to your hospital.

6. Keep a record of your Patients.

client records Image

No one wants to be treated as a stranger each and every time they visit your place. If you are sincere with learning how to promote a hospital business in Nigeria, one of the tips you must execute is keeping a proper record of your new and old patients.

Some of the things you cn do with this record include:

  1. trying to memorize as many names as possible or in the worst case scenarios, trying to approach every patient who has visited your hospital with a sense of familiarity.
  2. Sending rich and helpful contents to them through content marketing.
  3. Using Bulk SMS to reach them during festive seasons and birthdays.

So whether you are here to learn some way on how to promote a hospital in Nigeria or you have even started to carry out some marketing steps on your own, these hospital marketing ideas will be of great value in every way.

On the final note, never make the mistake of thinking that your employed doctors are exempted from how to promote a hospital. Every staff member of your hospital must join hand in one way or the other to ensure that you continue to get new patients.

Additionally, you have got to know that without new patients, your hospital business is headed to a crash. This is why you should put in additional effort to ensure that every staff of your hospital know exactly how to promote a hospital in Nigeria.

How We Can Help.

As an ICT Organization in Nigeria, we take pride in helping our clients drive real and measurable marketing conversion for their businesses.

We are aware that many organizations including hospitals find marketing a herculean task, this is where we come in. We either train your staffs on how to use digital marketing to drive real result for your hospital business or we simply take up the job and execute it for you (Depending on what you want).

Below are some of the results we have achieved for some of our clients in picture forms.

How to promote a hospital image
How to promote a hospital image

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We can Get you the digital marketing result you need for your hospital.

What will do for you includes but not limited to:

  1. Developing you a winning digital marketing strategy.
  2. Analyze your web pages and ensuring they are built to convert.
  3. On-page SEO.
  4. Email marketing.
  5. Content marketing.
  6. PPC ads on Facebook and Google.
  7. Optimizing your Google my business page to win on the local search.

These and few other digital marketing activities we will execute to make you win online.


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