7 Simple Steps On How to become an Ethical Hacker in Nigeria: The Definitive Guide.

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Hi and welcome to my Blog Page today where I will be talking extensively on how to become an ethical hacker in Nigeria. The information you will be getting from here is nothing short of personal experience and years of doing ethical hacking in Nigeria.

Before I delve into giving you the 4 simple steps on how to become a hacker in Nigeria, let us have a quick look at the backgrounds of becoming an ethical hacker in Nigeria.

The security situation in Nigeria currently is worrisome no doubt, and this is why some lucrative business models will remain unprofitable. According to a Harvard Business Review Blog post by Dr. Ndubuisi Ekekwe, cyber threats/phishing are major reasons the eCommerce industry will remain unprofitable in Nigeria for the long term.

With this rising and ugly case of Cyber threats as a result of wide ignorance of simple security measures even by big organizations, it has become pertinent that Nigerians develop skills around Ethical hacking (cybersecurity) in order to be readily available when the job opportunity comes from any organization.

In this post, therefore, an effort will be made to cover every aspect of this subject matter: How to become an ethical hacker.

You probably won’t be here if you are not familiar with the term Hacking. Apart from this, the term ethical Hacking is probably not new to you too, but as a recap, I will quickly explain who an Ethical hacker is:



One of the most reckless reasons an intruder will have access to a system is because the system is vulnerable. An ethical hacker is a trained professional who has permission from a system’s owner to get into the system, Identify & exploit vulnerabilities.

This is exactly what differentiates the ethical hacker (Working by laid down ethics), and a black hat hacker whose major intent is to steal, manipulate or even destroy vital information.

How To Become An Ethical Hacker For Beginners In Nigeria.

There are several pathways to becoming an ethical hacker especially if you are just new to the terrain. This is what we are set to cover in this paragraph. While you may not get a detailed requirement to becoming a professional ethical hacker in this post, you can apply for Our Certified ethical hacker training where you will be taken through the detailed and practical learning process of an ethical hacker. This training is anchored by trained professional ethical hackers in ICT-NETWORLD.

Let’s dive right into how you can become an ethical hacker as a beginner.

1. You need A Linux OS System:

Linux Operating System Image

UNIX, as well as UNIX-like OS, are the operating systems of the internet. Though a person can learn how to use the internet without knowing UNIX, he cannot be a successful ethical hacker without understanding UNIX or Linux, which is similar to it. You can run this OS alongside Microsoft Windows on the same machine.

2. Learn HTML:

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If programming is new to you, then you must learn basic Hyper Text Mark-Up Language because a deep knowledge of HTML is a must-have before you begin to ask how to become a hacker in Nigeria

3. Proceed To advanced Programming:

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If your ultimate goal is to become a master ethical hacker, then you will be needing more than basic programming knowledge. Programming languages play an important part in your life as an ethical hacker.

Python is the best language for hacking because it is cleanly designed, well documented, relatively kind to beginners, compelling, flexible, and well-suited for large projects. It is considered a good first language in programming.

For advanced levels of programming, the next best alternative language available is Java.

Similar to Python but different from Java is JavaScript as it is a C-based language and completely new-user friendly. A substitute for JavaScript is PHP C, which is a core language for UNIX. If you know C, then learning C++ will be a cakewalk for you because it is closely related to C.

4. You Must Be A Creative Thinker.

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After learning the basic skills of ethical hacking, you must think artistically. Established ethical hackers are like various beautiful professions such as engineers, artists, and philosophers brought together inside one person.

Although hackers work very hard at tasks, they also very often make out time for fun. To be a sound ethical hacker too, you should read wide. Read books on science fiction and attend science as many conventions as possible.

5. Find a Good And Practical Learning Source.

Not everybody in the IT organizations in Nigeria Can teach you to become a hacker in Nigeria. There are just a few organizations in Nigeria who are professional trained to train hacking.

Apart from these professional hacking organizations, you may also find books online (Paid or free) that will help you develop your hacking background. I personally recommend:

Check The Book’s Latest Price HERE

6. Document Your Progress Neatly.

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You do not want to lose track of your progress as you advance in your ethical hacking self or classroom tutorial. As you make progress, you will need to keep tab of every progress you make. This action will help you to be more organized and also to revisit any of the steps you feel you have not cover succinctly.

7. Practice Often.

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Constant practicing will be highly helpful as you make progress in your ethical hacking journey in Nigeria. Practice makes a lot of perfectness here too. As soon as you are done with your classroom hacking classes or reading any ethical hacking books, you have to start practicing what you have learnt in order to get it to stick to your head.

These steps as mentioned above on how to become an ethical hacker are practicable in Nigeria because the requirements mentioned above are common. For instance, you can get a Linux OS System for as low as #45,000, learn as many programming languages as possible for free online.

Ethical Hacker Salary In Nigeria.

WHO IS AN ETHICAL HACKER plu Ethical hacker salary Image

Apart from knowing how to become an ethical hacker, one other thing I feel you should Know is the Ethical Hacker Salary.

The reason I am bringing this into this post is just so that you can feel motivated to embark on this course of becoming a certified ethical hacker.

Ethical hackers are some of the highly paid IT Professionals after software developers. Well, it is also worthy to note that most hackers do not hack for monetary reasons, but for the fun of it.

As an ethical hacker myself, apart from hacking for fun, I get a salary of #300,000 Naira in a month. I began with #150,000 Naira in 2017 and grew on the job. This amount covers my accommodation expense, transportation as well as feeding expenses.

6 Hacking Phases/Terminologies You Should Know As A Beginner.


In this phase, the attacker collects all the possible information of the target in a passive or active means using tools such as NMAP, Maltego, Hoping, and Google Dorks.


This will usually involve a keen investigation to help the attacker analyze the target network or machine to look for loopholes/backdoors that can be exploited. Tools used at this phase include Nexpose, Nessus, and NMAP.

Gaining Access:

Using the Metasploit tool, the vulnerability area is located and an attempt will be done to exploit the network.

Maintaining Access.

still using the Metasploit tool and having already gained access to the targeted system, the hacker will install some backdoors in the targeted system so that he can access the system in the future.

Clearing tracks:

Though considered an unethical activity, all the log activities that had taken place during the hacking process are removed at this phase.


At this phase, the Ethical Hacker submits his report. This contains things like findings, tools used, success rate, exploitation process, and vulnerabilities found.

It is also worthy of note that there are three major categories of Hackers:

  1. The black hat hackers
  2. The white hat hackers (where you wish to belong)
  3. The gray hat hackers.

On the final note, you wish to get reminded that ethical hacking is the antidote against hacking. Ethical Hackers, also known as White hat Hackers or Penetration Testers are good hackers. They also hack the system, but they can only hack the system that they have permission to hack in order to test the security of the system.

  1. Get written permission from the owner of the computer system/network before hacking.
  2. Protect the privacy of the organization being hacked.
  3. Transparently report all the identified weaknesses in the computer system/network to the organization.
  4. Inform hardware and software vendors of the identified weaknesses.

In summary, Ethical hackers are hired by organizations to look into the vulnerabilities of their systems and networks and develop solutions to prevent data breaches.

Now that you are armed with basic knowledge on how to become an ethical hacker, what steps are you going to take next?

As an ethical hacking company, ICT-NETWORLD takes you through the practical process on how to become an ethical hacker in Nigeria and not only that, ICT NETWORLD will also give you some real-world cases to handle.

Still thinking of how to become an ethical hacker in Nigeria? visit our Contact Page or Simply Begin a discussion from the comment box below.

Apart from teaching you how to become an ethical hacker in Nigeria, you will also be awarded a certificate of participation.

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