How Much Does It Cost To Learn Digital Marketing In Nigeria? Plus Full Course Detail.

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So you finally made up to learn digital marketing plus you want to know how much does it cost to learn digital marketing in Nigeria.

In one of our posts, we talked about How Lucrative Is Digital Marketing In Nigeria you may check it out too.

In this post, I will lay bare the cost of learning digital marketing in Nigeria for various areas of Digital Marketing.

It is worthy of note that there are different areas of digital marketing, and each of these areas of digital marketing can be learned separately and paid for separately. Against this backdrop and in the next paragraph, I will give both the cost of learning general digital marketing or the cost of learning every other area of digital marketing.

How Much Does It Cost To Learn Digital Marketing In Nigeria?

Digital marketing has become a worthy profession. From my experience as a digital marketer in Nigeria, currently, it will cost you 40,000 to 400,000 to Learning Digital marketing in Nigeria depending both on the institute you enroll in as well as the area of digital marketing you are willing to learn.

Areas Of Digital Marketing You Can Specialize In.

1. Technical SEO.

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This is an area of digital marketing that most learners in Nigeria do not have much information about. From my ersonal exerience doing technical SEO in Nigeria, I have come to both love the exerience of being a technical SEO for my organization and also to areciate the resect accorded a technical SEO exert simly because of what they do to drive in organic visits to the organizations roerties.

Technical SEO is a step forward in SEO in that it touches areas of digital marketing that are hurting the digital marketing effort, but unknown to any other person within the organization or the handlers of the organization’s web properties.

As you step out to learn Technical SEO and to become a technical SEO specialist in Nigeria, you must ensure the following:

  1. Your readiness to take on responsibilities for the success or failure of your digital marketing efforts.
  2. Your readiness to learn further on your own outside the training classes.
  3. Your readiness to learn to prepare digital marketing goals and templates.
  4. Your readiness to work in a team, since no man is an island of knowledge.
  5. You must be ready to learn other areas of Digital marketing. At least you need a balanced knowledge in case you are faced with tasks from those areas.

What You Will Likely Learn In Technical SEO Classes.

As a technical SEO student, below are some of the things you will likely learn and will be required of you as you go on in your career.

  1. Content Ga and Analysis.
  2. Proper keyword research.
  3. Searchers’ intent determination.
  4. Advanced Natural Link building
  5. Local SEO establishment.
  6. Detailed analysis of Google my Business.
  7. Content develomentContent marketing.
  8. Internal linking and broken links analysis.
  9. Keyword density analysis.
  10. The use of, importance and dangers of WordPress plugins
  11. How to make a choice of plugins (In the case of working on a WordPress site)
  12. Conversion rate optimization.
  13. Keeping abreast of search Algorithm updates.
  14. Lots more.

As a technical SEO Specialist, you are going to play a key role in ensuring that your organization is moving in the right direction and that every digital marketing effort is geared towards getting a business conversion.

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2. Content Development

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Content development is another key area of digital marketing where you can get trained in. In Nigeria, content marketing has become a hot cake. This is because creators of original contents (like this one you are currently reading) are scarce. Since organizations know how strategic content marketing is to their organic traffic acquisition, they are all out to hire original content creators. So before you ask how much does it cost to learn digital marketing in Nigeria, I personally think you should first decide if content marketing is best for you.

In the following aragrah, I will make an outline of few things you should know before oting to learn content devloment and marketing.

  1. You must be ready to learn and to do quality research. You will usually be taught to make original research either online or offline. Research is a key factor in writing good content for the purpose of marketing it.
  2. You must be a patient learner. In content development class, you will need to be patient as several areas of content development will be taught such as keyword research, search intent analysis, measuring keyword density, the use of WordPress plugins (for WordPress sites), finally, you will need to patiently learn how to use tools like Canvas, photoshop, Corel draw and or many other graphics creation tools.

3. Social Media Management.

Learn social media management at ICT NETWORLD Image

Social media management is another area of digital marketing that you can learn in Nigeria. In a recent study carried out by marketing dive, Social media users trust fellow consumers more than brands, the study finds that the majority of social media users searching for products online prefer what other consumers who have used the product or interacted with the brand have to say. The study also established that 51% of respondents say they trust images uploaded by users because they’re more authentic and trustworthy than brand-owned creatives.

With this image already painted, you should now know how strategic social media management is to the marketing of an organization.

As a social media management trainee, you will learn the following:

  1. How to develop a social media calendar.
  2. How to draft out social media strategies.
  3. How to execute your social media plans.
  4. How to set up PPC ads on various social media platforms.
  5. A proper response to visitors’ chats and comments.

Most learners usually fall lies. You cannot assume expertise in all areas of digital marketing all at once. You can only learn each of the areas of digital marketing once at a time.


How much does it cost to learn digital marketing in Lagos?

The cost of learning digital marketing in Lagos is slightly different from the cost of learning it in other parts of Nigeria. While it will cost you ₦40,000 to ₦400,000 to learn digital marketing in some parts of Nigeria, the cost of the training in Lagos is ₦50,000 to ₦500,000 depending on the organization.

This difference is simply because of the commercial importance of digital marketing in Lagos state. While the shop for digital marketers in Lagos is high, reverse is the case in some other parts of Nigeria. From my personal analysis and research, this cost of learning digital marketing in Lagos is generally true for most digital marketing training organizations in Lagos.

How many days it will take to learn digital marketing In Nigeria?

Learning digital marketing in Nigeria depends largely on your current experience in digital marketing. From my personal experience learning digital marketing in Nigeria, it may take you as little as 12 weeks. On the other hand, it may take years to master many of the technical and leadership skills required too.

This is also a major area you will need to look into in your bid to learn digital marketing in Nigeria apart from seeking how much does it cost to learn digital marketing in Nigeria.

The best digital marketing institute in Nigeria is not one with the most beautiful digital marketing website nor the one with the cheapest digital marketing training, but the one that can authoritatively answer your question about how much does it cost to learn digital marketing in Nigeria, one that can answer any question you may have about digital marketing and one whose training will help you to get more website conversion.

So far, we have tried to answer your question about how much does it cost to learn digital marketing in Nigeria, and we do hope we have done fair justice to it.

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We are assionate about digital marketing, and we are ready to hel you get whatever result you are aiming at.

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Apart from how much does it cost to learn digital marketing in Nigeria, in the following paragraph, I covered how much does it cost for a digital marketing service in Nigeria.

How Much Does It Cost For A Digital Marketing Service In Nigeria.

The cost of a Digital marketing Service in Nigeria depends on the particular service and the organization. For example, a complete digital marketing package that covers strategy development, SEO, Social media management, PPC, and content marketing will cost you between  ₦150,000 to  ₦250,000.

Below is a breakdown of the costs for each digital marketing service in Nigeria.



Search engine optimization (SEO)

₦80,000 or $195 Per Month

Pay-per-click advertising (PPC)

N30,000 or $73 Per Month Depending on the target Keywords.

Email marketing

N200 or $0.49 per email message for mailchimp, getresponse, and aweber.

Social Media marketing

₦20,000 or $49 Per social media page.

Content Marketing

N5000 or $13 Per 1,500 Words SEO-Rich Article.

So whether you are seeking an answer to your question (how much does it cost to learn digital marketing in Nigeria) or you are seeking an answer to How Much Does It Cost For A Digital Marketing Service In Nigeria, you can simply contact us Here.

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