Discover The 7 Common Digital Marketing Mistakes To Avoid In Nigeria 2021 For Improved profits.

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It does not really matter what the nature of your business is; all that matters is, every business can thrive online/digitally in Nigeria if the possible pitfalls are quickly detected and tackled early. This can either be done individually if you are an expert or with the help of a Professional Digital marketing agency.

In this post, I will outline the 7 carefully researched and common Digital Marketing Mistakes To Avoid In Nigeria 2021. In fact, upon discussing these mistakes with one of our clients and subsequently helping him make the necessary adjustments to his entire digital marketing strategy and implementation, he saw a crazy lift in his digital marketing results. See evidence below:

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Ready to learn about these Digital Marketing Mistakes To Avoid In Nigeria?

Let’s dive right in:

1. Lack Of Planning and Goals Setting.
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He who fails to plan plans to fail says the old adage. This saying is totally true also in digital marketing. I have seen many persons launch out in digital marketing without clearly defining what exactly they want to achieve and the time frame they hope to get that done.

Planning in digital marketing is key to digital marketing success. You have got to take your stance from the beginning on the following important items:

  1. What unique selling propositions are we communicating to our potential clients.
  2. Which of our services are we setting up as a gateway for online traffic?
  3. What is our level of expertise in this area(s) of business.
  4. What kind of clients do we want
  5. What resources do we currently possess and what resources are we looking forward to getting
  6. What is out timeline?

The internet has gone real competitive, and if you must succeed with Digital marketing in Nigeria, the place of planning and answering key questions as stated above can never be overlooked.

2. Not Having A Website.
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I really wonder how you want to cover every bit of what you do by word of mouth each and every time a potential customer makes a request. How do you intend to communicate your unique selling proposition to a client who lives miles away from you without a website?

Not building a business website is one of the Huge Digital marketing mistakes to avoid in Nigeria as it limits your potential reach and business success.

Below are some of the very important pages your website must contain:

  1. The Homepage
  2. The About Us Page
  3. The Contact Us Page
  4. The Privacy Policy page (If clients are mandated to submit their information).
  5. The Products or services pages.
  6. Disclaimer Page
3. No Strategy In Place.
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While some organizations never bother to draft out digital marketing goals as stated above, others are meticulous enough to do that. Drafting out goals alone without an action plan (Strategy) is still gonna amount to a wasted time.

A Strategy is a detailed method by which you want to nail your goals. It is worthy to note that you will still fail to achieve your set digital marketing goals if you copy other people’s strategies because every company has its unique goals. A digital marketing strategy is not the same as digital marketing checklists.

I have outlined a few strategies you can also adopt today in order to nail your goal:

  1. Rich and well Planned content development/blogging: with content development, you can definitely attract the right clients to your product or service, and ultimately achieve your overall business goal.
  2. Optimizing Each Service or product pages: Even though the individual pages for your products or services may not do well as much as the blog content pages, it is still worthy of giving a trial. As much as you want your posts to rank well on Google, you will also want your individual product or service pages to be discovered in search too. This can only be done by taking time to optimize the pages for the necessary keywords and contents.
  3. Register and Work On Your Google My Business Listing: The Google My Business listing is a good way to drive localized searches and traffic to your business. You will want to work on it.
  4. Instill trust and Confidence in your clients: You have obviously heard the roman maxim: Nemo dat quod no habet…. Meaning you cannot give what you do not have. Learn about your product or services, plus how they can help to solve the basic challenge your clients may have.
  5. Timely Delivery of Promises: Most organization fail here. They delay on their promises to deliver results on time.
  6. Business Reviews: Business review is a great strategy to nail your short or long plan goals. With great customer reviews comes great business patronage. You have got to work towards getting customers to leave you a good review after the job is done.
4. Not Updating Your Social Media.
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Social media is a powerful tool in garnering clients online. Before this is done, your social media followers must have been able to ascertain that you are passionate about your brand. This is done by consistently updating your social media presence with your products/services.

5. Not Ready To Run Paid Ads.
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Even though you do all other areas of digital marketing such as SEO, you should make plans to run paid/PPC ads. Organic means of getting business patronage may take a while to materialize, but it is faster to get clients with a paid search ad.

6. Inconsistent Online Activity.
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This is one of the biggest Digital Marketing Mistakes To Avoid In Nigeria if you will ever make some progress online. From my recent interview with some online sellers, the passion for online sales fades into thin air as soon as they begin to experience bottlenecks. To succeed on the internet, you have got to make up your mind to sell online or never dabble into it at all.

Below are some of the challenges you may face as you begin to sell online. These challenges if not managed quickly can lead to inconsistency which in turn will lead to loss of customers and profit.

  1. SEO Takes time to begin to generate meaningful results.
  2. You may need to spend some money on ads at the beginning.
  3. You need a good amount of work to get clients to trust you. Nobody wakes u to purchase a thing from a seller they have never interacted with before.
  4. You need to be ready to fail and be ready also to learn from your failures.
7. Creating A Single Type Of Content.
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This is one other Digital Marketing Mistakes To Avoid In Nigeria as a new business online. Creating content on the internet is key to bringing in potential clients with a real interest in your service or product offerings.

As you start out online, you will need to create content around different topics that are still in line with what you offer. Do not make the mistake of creating only a kind of content as this might not resonate well with your larger audience.

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What Digital Marketing Services Do We Offer?

As an ICT Company In Nigeria, our status has been built on providing leading-edge IT solutions that stem from our in-depth knowledge and experience in web and mobile app development, data management, information security, digital marketing to mention a few.

In digital marketing, we offer:

  1. Technical SEO Service and Training.
  2. Social Media Management.
  3. PPC Ad Setup.
  4. Website Design.
  5. Mobile App. Development.

So far, I have tried to outline 7 Common Digital Marketing Mistakes To Avoid In Nigeria.

I want to turn it back to you… Now!

Which of these Digital marketing mistakes are you currently making or have made?

Lack Of Planning and Goals Setting, No Strategy In Place, or even inconsistency in your online marketing efforts?

Whichever, simply drop me a message in the comment section below or fill one of our forms here in this post.

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